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Encrypt transactions by LDAP over TLS(StartTLS). You must use \'ldap\' scheme. \'ldaps\' for LDAP over SSL is non-standardized and deprecated.<br>StartTLS ins an extension to the LDAP protocol which uses the TLS protocol to encrypt communication. <br>It works by establishing a normal - i.e. unsecured - connection with the LDAP server before a handshake negotiation between the server and the web services is carried out. Here, the server sends its certificate to prove its identity before the secure connection is established.
13 days ago
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Linphone Desktop / MasterPortuguese (Brazil)

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Copy all
Copiar tudo
a month ago
%1 received nothing
%1 recebeu nada
a month ago
Read by %1 - %2
Lido por %1 - %2
a month ago
Downloading %1…
Transferindo %1...
a month ago
Extracting %1…
Extraindo %1...
a month ago
Delivered by %1 - %2
Enviado por %1 - %2
a month ago
Send to %1 - %2
Enviar para %1 - %2
a month ago
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